Current DME Collection and Distribution

Currently, in Dallas County, the efforts of various organizations to collect and distribute used DME are meeting only a portion of the needs of the county’s patient population. There is no organization that addresses DME needs county‐wide. Specifically:

There is no system for identifying and prioritizing client needs throughout the county.

There is no county‐wide resource for collection and distribution of used DME. Potential donors and recipients of used DME are often unsure whom to contact.


A service agency in one locale might be unaware that the DME they need is readily available from another county agency. Conversely, an agency with a surplus might be unaware of needy clients elsewhere.


Much of the collection/distribution in Dallas County occurs through non‐profit social service organizations, such as Senior Adult Services in Farmers Branch or The Senior Source in Dallas. The Feasibility Committee visited both of these organizations. Both had large “closets” where they stored equipment – predominately walkers, crutches, canes, bedside commodes, shower chairs, wheel chairs, transfer chairs, and other miscellaneous equipment and supplies. Typically, these organizations request that their donors provide equipment that is clean.


Much of the equipment is donated when clients no longer need it or have passed away. Some equipment is returned since it is loaned. Hospice, home health agencies, nursing homes, and individuals also donate equipment to these organizations. Some agencies give away the equipment, some loan it, and many charge a small fee for the equipment.


All organizations have employees, typically case managers or social workers, who qualify clients based on their financial need. We understand that a number of churches have “closets” of DME. They receive used DME from congregants and recycle it to congregants in need. We are uncertain what cleaning process or repairs are made, if any.

On occasion commercial DME companies offer “free” used DME that has been returned to them by clients but cannot be returned to a manufacturer. This equipment is generally cleaned and refurbished. Then the DME is donated to organizations and individuals.